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IMS 2014: Spain-The Underground Movement


WHO: Juan Arnau Lasierra (Enter Group / Monegros) Juan Arnau Duran (Enter Group / Monegros) Enric Palau (Sonar) Paco Osuna (Artist) Uner (Artist). Hosted by Grego O’Halloran (Ibiza Spotlight)

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(Damian Lazarus playing the Saki room at Enter.)

"If we don’t engage with the next generation, there won’t be a next generation. We’re all getting older… and not everyone stays in this culture for life. We always need an influx of young, creative people with lots of energy, and that’s what…


Para mim os melhores produtores da atualidade. Set absurdo.


It looks SO UPSET lmao

(Source: sizvideos, via elegantinhollywood)


Yung Cheng Lin - 3CM

The Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin a.k.a. 3CM presents the female body in unusual, erotic and sometimes absurd ways; his surreal, staged images capture a raw sensuality that oscillates between the fantastic and the grotesque. Here, women are seen initially as objects of desire, but they contort their bodies in ways that defy objectification and veer into abstraction.

Amidst Lin’s exploration of sexuality is a growing sense of anxiety that may be read perhaps a fear of female sexual power. A rose intimately penetrates a woman’s throat, and her head falls back and out of the frame as if in pleasure. But this symbolic intercourse is foreboding, dangerous: the flower is dead, wilted, and blood trickles down the model’s neck. (Modernism.ro)


Photo manipulations by: Irina Istratova (BigBad-Red)

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